Flower Arrangements
By Manoj Chandra Bachkheti


"Flower arrangements have become an integral part of décor. They should impart freshness and colours in the environment, rightly influenced by the occasion."


With the booming hospitality industry, various interior parameters that affect a property are undergoing changes. Apart from greening hotels, restaurants and eatery joints, flower decoration has become fundamental to the interior’s appeal and significant attention is being laid upon in this area by the housekeeping department.


Floristry, flower arranging, floral arrangement, floral design or floral arts is the art of creating flower arrangements in vases, bowls and baskets, or making bouquets and compositions from cut flowers, foliage, herbs, ornamental grasses and other botanical materials. Often the terms "floral design" and "floristry" are considered synonymous.


 Manoj Chandra Bachkheti welcomes you in the world of Flower Arrangements with LOVE, CARE & HOSPITALITY.


"Have a nice time !"